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    Tips for maintenance of loaders

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    Wheel loaders are often used in areas with high construction strength such as construction sites and mines. Parts wear is very fast, so we need to perform maintenance on time.Otherwise just an oil seal and a pipe or some other little parts may cause serious problems and affect the construction period.


    First of all, you must pay attention to safety during maintenance to ensure that the loader is turned off and the handbrake is tightened. The maintenance of the loader is calculated based on the working hours. Generally, the prescribed time for normal maintenance is 10 hours, 50 hours, 100 hours, 250 hours, 500 hours, 1000 hours, 2000 hours. At 10 hours and 50 hours, the user has to check the oil pressure of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle, and so on. This needs to be checked by the user.


    At 100 hours, some spare parts need to be replaced, such as engine oil and engine oil filter. If you use air conditioners, you need to clean the air conditioner filter.


    At 250 hours, we need to adjust the progress of the fan belt, tighten the front and rear axle, engine, transmission and frame connection bolts, and change the front and rear axle gear oil.


    At 500 hours, there will be more types of spare parts that we need to replace. Engine oil, engine oil filter, fuel filter, coarse fuel filter, fine fuel filter, air conditioning filter, hydraulic tank breather filter, brake disc (see The actual situation) and so on.


    At 1000 hours, in addition to the above maintenance, you need to change the fuel tank refueling filter, fuel tank suction filter, front and rear axle gear oil, etc.


    When it reaches 2000 hours, the maintenance will be performed at the same time as the above-mentioned maintenance and maintenance. In addition, you need to replace the hydraulic oil, clean the fuel tank, replace the radiator coolant, check the engine, transmission, rear axle, etc.


    The above is the normal maintenance, but it is better to check the condition of the loader every day. Check whether the oil pressure is good, check whether the fuel pipe of the vehicle has burst or leaks, check whether the tire has obvious bulging or obvious air pressure. Ensure that the loader can work stably for a long time.