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    How to choose and maintain the forklift loader

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    Domestic forklift truck uneven levels of quality , the price is a big difference. For example, the frame , the frame has a ton of NT $ 8,000 , but also has a ton of ten thousand thousand yuan , or even more expensive. They have a formal design, equipment , processing methods from the production , there are also simple patchwork . Besides tires, a set of two Wan three thousand yuan, but also a set of NT $ 8,000 . Engine, transmission , pipeline , drive axle , etc., the list goes on . Users do not understand the importance of quality , because simply cheap, often had only one piece of equipment , the last to buy twice the amount .

    On the other hand , the price of your forklift truck is not necessarily good quality and cheap price because of poor configuration . This production costs , marketing expenses, and sales volume caused by the size of the unit cost has a great relationship.
    As the saying goes shop around, as the value of high requirements of forklift truck , just so that may not be enough , the price level at the same time should also take into account its overall performance.

    When the forklift truck configurations to consider the quality and almost the time, the most critical is the drive axle load capacity ( load ) and the drive axle braking force ( braking effect ) a . In fact, more than 20 tons forklift truck , if you do not use hydraulic wet brake is impossible to achieve safe braking ! Let us sad example of terror to review under the overturned on mines and slippery , the culprit is the rear-wheel steering and braking force does not work ! This terrible loss of life and property, huge , totally should advance the technical work to solve !

    Structural characteristics determine the strength of the product and even off-road with and without off-road . Stone blocks mining operations , it is very stressed forklift truck off-road , otherwise , use forklifts and loaders enough, how also need forklift truck ? It also does not to any forklift truck from the origin . Therefore, in addition to have good quality forklift truck outside , but must have front wheel steering in order to ensure that products in the high load condition of the vehicle moving and steering stability.

    Security at the same time easy to use , energy saving is an indicator in this regard , the domestic brand Weichai Power , Dongfeng Cummins joint venture brands are doing well, heavy truck Steyr engine power is also good, but its high rotational speed of the engine caused 162KW in the case of running generally lower than Weichai engine speed high enough to 1L hourly fuel consumption, over time, so fuel consumption is also very scary . So also must be taken into account cost savings range . On the other hand , not one-sided pursuit of engine power, while the dynamic loading fork look at the overall effective utilization of the power of 175KW some manufacturers can do the maximum load 31 tons . And some manufacturers , the same maximum power can only do 22 tons . It can be seen , the power is able to effectively use technology differences is a priority issue .

    Block mining stone mines needed forklift truck , hanging from the mast , modified imports large loaders , forklifts, excavators , forklift truck evolved into the current , historical experience of the people know , pry stone reclaimer , handling, stacking , loading and unloading must have five basic functions , this has also described must be reliable ! Frame breakage, drive axle breakage, tire explosions, forks straight and even rupture , tubing fracture , etc., is not sufficient to consider the consequences of what happened quality profile .

    Use and maintenance
    In use, many domestic mines for one-sided pursuit of yield , save personnel costs , overload , rough handling , and other phenomena often occur if the machine is not the problem , never for repair and maintenance. So that over time , it will greatly affect the life of the forklift truck , and even there is a big security risk. Similarly a forklift truck , as non- professional operators operating combined with a lack of regular maintenance brutal life can only reach one-third of the rated life or less .
    So forklift truck maintenance is also very important to develop good operating practices, do a regular vehicle maintenance and operator training . In this way, in large part to ensure the safety and efficiency of operations , but also can significantly extend the life of machinery , reduce production costs.